A Decode Experiential Activation Presented by Lightbox  & studio As We Are

A look back at when Vincent Houzé previewed his latest interactive installation at Lightbox as part of our ongoing Decode Experiential Series. 

TRANSITIONS is an exploration of abstract mercurial landscapes, in which matter endlessly dissolves, recombines, and goes through phase transitions, according to chemical reactions and physics simulations not bound to worldly constraints. The audience itself, using real time digitalization techniques, becomes a part of the landscape, and is able to exert limited control upon it, as if in a dream.

About the Artist:


Vincent Houzé uses modern computer graphics techniques to create interactive art, performances, and large-scale multimedia installations. His practice centers on dynamic simulations and systems in which simple rules give rise to complexity, richness, and realistic motion in his work.

Houzé was born and raised in Paris, where he studied computer science and graphic design. Before embracing interactive art he worked in Paris and London as a visual effects designer for films, commercials, and video games. He now lives and works in New York, where he was previously a member at NEW INC, the New Museum incubator for art and technology. Houzé’s recent work was exhibited among others in the first two editions of the Day for Night Festival in Houston, at Google I/O 2017, La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) in Montreal and at the Times Art Museum in Beijing. It has also been featured in several online magazines such as Creators and Creative Applications.

IG: @vincent.houze

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